Ellen Lipton

Candidate for US Congress, Michigan's 9th District

  • Ellen began her career as a biotechnology patent attorney, practicing at the intersection of science and law. In her practice, she used her biochemistry background to help small businesses, universities and tech start-ups thrive.
  • Joining the fight to allow stem-cell research in Michigan inspired Ellen to run for office in 2008. She was elected and served three terms in Lansing, where she was a tireless champion for public education, reproductive justice, and the environment.
  • As a survivor of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Ellen knew her well-being was dependent on life-saving medication developed through stem-cell research. When activists in the Michigan scientific community came together to support a ballot initiative to allow stem-cell research in the state, Ellen put her law practice on hold and became a citizen activist for the cause, traveling around the state as a science educator and advocate for two years.   

Ellen's Race

  • Ellen is running for an open seat for Congress in Michigan’s 9th district
  • In a four-way Democratic primary, Ellen is the only STEM candidate in the race, as well as the only female candidate—so she needs your help today.