314 Action's Endorsed candidates

314 Action is proud to endorse these scientists and other STEM leaders who will fight to protect science and stand up to climate deniers.

House Candidates

Statewide Candidates


STEM Trailblazers

State and Local Candidates

(Asterisk denotes incumbents)
  • Sharon Girard (AZ, SD-8)

  • Bradley Hughes (AZ, HD-21)

  • Nikki Lee (AZ, HD-10)

  • Randall Friese (MD, HD-9)*

  • Dan Kalb (CA, AD-15)

  • Luz Rivas (CA, AD-39)

  • Kevork Abazajian (Irvine, CA City Council) Website | Facebook |

  • Tepring Piquado (CA, AD-54)

  • Bill Quirk (CA, AD-20)*

  • Terry Martinez (CO, HD-18)

  • Faith Winter (CO, SD-24)

  • Chris Hansen (CO, HD-6)*

  • Valerie Horsley (CT, SD-17)

  • Linda Jack (FL, HD-36)

  • Shevrin Jones (FL, HD-101)*

  • Heather Kimball (HI, SD-4)

  • Edie Hardcastle (IN, SD-49)

  • Penny Githens (IN, HD-60)

  • Poonam Gill (IN, HD-88)

  • Kevin Leineweber (IN, HD-91)

  • Jeff Grammer (KY, HD-36)

  • Sannie Overly (KY, HD-72)*

  • Darryn Remillard (MA, HD-30th Middlesex)

  • Katie McBrine (MA, SD-Plymouth and Norfolk)

  • Samir Paul (MD, HD-16)

  • Julie Palakovich Carr (MD, HD-17)

  • Derek Kent (MD, HD-32)

  • Richard Bruno (MD, HD-41)

  • Nilesh Kalyanaraman (MD, HD-43)

  • Laurie Pohutsky (MI, HD-19)

  • Alice Mann (MN, HD-56B)

  • Gary Wester (MO, HD-102)

  • Steven Buccini (HD, NC-62)

  • Carl Heastie (NY, AD-83)*

  • Beth Liston (OH, HD-21)

  • Christine Fisher (OH, HD-27)

  • Mary Lightbody (OH, HD-19)

  • Allison Campolo (TX, SD-10)

  • Bill Trumble (OR, HD-53)

  • Mike Ellison (OR, HD-19)

  • Maria Collett (PA, SD-12)

  • Stephanie Walsh (PA, SD-38)

  • Jennifer Rager-Kay (PA, HD-85)

  • Cathy Spahr (PA, HD-160)

  • Kathie Allen (UT, SD-8)

  • Evan Hansen (WV, HD-51)

  • Chris Rothfuss (WY, SD-9)*