Laura Shaw

Candidate for State Assembly, New Jersey's 23rd District

  • After excelling in mathematics, Laura Shaw took up coding in high school and received degrees in Computer Science from Rice University and Purdue University.
  • Laura moved to New Jersey in 1981 to work for Bell Labs as an Engineer, and spent over 30 years in the telecommunications industry ultimately managing R&D and starting her own small business to support other entrepreneurs.
  • Laura was able to retire just three months before last year’s Presidential election and was shocked into action after seeing its results. Laura became more politically active in her community and decided that she needed to step up herself and run for State Assembly in her home district.

Laura's race

  • New Jersey is one of only two states with state-wide elections in 2017 and with Governor Christie’s historic low approval rating, Laura has a great opportunity to win in this district.
  • The incumbents in the 23rd legislative district have the worst score according to Clean Water Action Fund’s 2015 scorecard of key environmental issues.
  • ·       Laura has run a strong campaign while teaming up with another scientist and endorsed candidate for State Senate, Christine Chen. Laura needs your help today.