Ron Birnbaum

Candidate for State Assembly, California’s 51st District

  • A physician in Los Angeles, Ron has dedicated his career to giving all members of his community access to affordable healthcare.
  • In addition to his medical practice, Ron serves as Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at USC where he teaches medicine to resident physicians and medical students.
  • As a medical student, Ron worked as a researcher in cancer genetics at Howard Hughes Medical Center.


Ron’s race:

  • Ron is running for State Assembly in a special election on October 3rd 2017 after its incumbent Assemblyman was elected to Congress.
  • Located in Northeast Los Angeles, the 51st district is a safe Democratic seat and is a great opportunity to elect a progressive STEM leader to the California legislature.
  • Ron’s race is wide open and your support will go a long way into helping elect a great STEM leader in 2017.

About Ron:

Ron is a lifelong Democrat, community doctor, progressive activist, union member, and Democratic Delegate and will get results for our community. As a physician tirelessly dedicated to the underserved in Los Angeles County, he sees that when government fails, people suffer.  He knows that progressive policies put human needs first and that the way to put them in place is to organize, galvanize, and speak to the deep human spirit of people in this community.