Seth Moulton

US Rep for Massachusetts' 6th District

  • After earning a degree in Physics at Harvard, Seth Moulton joined the US Marines where he served four tours in Iraq as an infantry officer.
  • After returning from overseas in service of his country, Moulton completed graduate school and worked as a Project Manager for a high-speed rail project in Texas.
  • ·       Feeling called to serve his country again, Moulton was elected to the United States Congress in 2014 with a promise to bring new, bipartisan leadership to Washington.
“I am proud of my STEM education and the perspective it gives me in Congress. It’s time we governed based on facts, and I believe a new generation of leadership—one that makes data-based, not politically convenient, decisions—can help take us there. With severe weather threatening our communities and our economy, now is not the time to debate whether or not science is real.”
— Congressman Seth Moulton (MA-6)