Andrew Zwicker

Candidate for State Assembly, New Jersey's 16th District

  • A PhD physicist who graduated from Johns Hopkins University, Andrew Zwicker is the Head of Science Education at the Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory.
  • In his role at the Lab, where researchers are developing an advanced form of energy, Andrew has worked with hundreds of teachers and students, inspiring professionals and the next generation of STEM professionals. The American Association of Physics Teachers named Andrew as one of the country’s top 75 “Leading Contributors” to physics education.
  • Fed up with the attacks on science and wanting to make a bigger difference in his community and state, Andrew Zwicker was elected to the New Jersey State Assembly with the help of 314 PAC.

Andrew's race

  • Representing an ancestrally Republican area, Zwicker is the first ever Democrat to represent his district in the State Legislature.
  • Running in one of the closest races in the country in 2015, Zwicker beat an incumbent Republican by just 78 votes. Andrew is no stranger to tough races and Republicans are sure to throw everything they’ve got at him.
  • In less than two years in the State Assembly, Andrew has already become a leader on environmental issues and has had several bills he wrote passed into law. As the only scientist in the New Jersey State Legislature. Andrew needs your help today to be reelected.