Cheryl Turpin

Candidate for State Delegate, Virginia's 85th District

  • Cheryl is a high school science teacher who has spent over 24 years in the classroom while sharing her love of science with the next generations of students. Cheryl spent much of her career working with at-risk students and currently teaches AP Environmental Science.
  • Active in her community for years, Cheryl is a member of the Sierra Club and has taken leadership roles in local organizations like the Make a Difference Foundation. In the state legislature, Cheryl will stand up to polluters who poison our water, fight to ensure that every child lives in a world with clean water and air, as well as giving teachers the resources to bring more technology into the classroom.
  • After seeing Donald Trump elected in November 2016, Cheryl decided she had to step up and run for office herself. Cheryl’s local State Delegate was elected to Congress triggering one of the first special elections of 2017, which was held in early January before Trump entered office and Democratic special election performance drastically increased.

Cheryl's race

  • Although Cheryl didn’t win her special election earlier this year, she outperformed Hillary Clinton’s top of the ticket performance just a few months before and increased her name identification in the district for the district’s regularly scheduled election in November 2017.
  • Cheryl is running for State Delegate against a brand-new incumbent with limited name identification. Having only been in office for less than a year, Cheryl’s opponent Del. Rocky Holcomb already voted to protect toxic waste dumpers, sided with polluters put won’t allow us to see what chemicals they put in our water and has seen his campaign propped up by donations from the oil and gas industry. In addition, Holcomb has close ties and refused to denounce the leader of an anti-Muslim hate group who continues to volunteer on his campaign.
  • Cheryl’s district is one of the most closely contested districts of 2017, in the past her district was won by Donald Trump and Mitt Romney by an average of 150 votes. What we are able to accomplish in Virginia in 2017 will demonstrate the strength of our movement and will be a strong indicator that we will be able to take back Congress in 2018. Cheryl needs your help today.