January 21, 2019

Contact: Ted Bordelon


(Washington, D.C.) -- Last Wednesday, 314 Action -- the non-profit pro-science organization responsible for helping to elect 9 scientists to the House and Senate in 2018 -- launched a planned six-figure campaign in an effort to draft former NASA astronaut and naval aviator Mark Kelly into Arizona's 2020 US Senate campaign. Supporters can add their name at, which will become the basis of a grassroots campaign around Kelly's potential candidacy.

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Due to his unique background as a former NASA astronaut, naval aviator, and outspoken advocate on climate change and other pressing issues, Kelly has been called "Arizona Democrats' Dream Candidate", but has not indicated an interest in running until recently.

In response to 314 Action's Draft Mark Kelly campaign, Kelly's spokesman told the Arizona Republic that "Mark is considering running for U.S. Senate in order to address climate change, wage growth and many other serious issues."


Science advocacy group bids to draft astronaut Mark Kelly for Arizona's 2020 Senate race

"A pro-science group that helped elect nine federal candidates in 2018 has launched an effort to recruit retired astronaut Mark Kelly to run for the Democratic nomination for Arizona’s 2020 Senate race.

The Washington, D.C.-based group brings money, voter lists, foot soldiers and a network of members who care deeply about public policy rooted in fact, not political ideology. Expect to see the group's advertising on social media, including Instagram and Facebook."


STEM group launches ‘Draft Mark Kelly’ effort in Arizona

314 Action is urging former astronaut to challenge appointed Sen. McSally

"314 Action, a group that backs candidates with scientific backgrounds, is launching a new effort Wednesday to encourage former astronaut and Navy veteran Mark Kelly to run for Senate in Arizona.

The effort to draft Kelly...involves a “six-figure” digital ad campaign. The ads will direct supporters to where they can sign a petition urging him to run.

...the group’s decision to back Kelly was informed by his scientific background and commitment to combating climate change.

Arizona will likely be one of the most competitive races of the cycle. Sinema won last year by 2 points in the traditionally Republican state that appears to be trending Democratic. President Donald Trump won Arizona by less than 4 points in 2016."


Science group seeks to draft Mark Kelly for 2020 Arizona Senate race

"314 Action, is planning a six-figure digital advertisement as well as a microsite,, where supporters can sign a petition to encourage Kelly to run in the special election slated for 2020. If he decides to mount a Senate bid, he’ll have access to the group’s email list and 500,000 member network.

...Kelly’s science background would offer a different perspective in the Senate. The group wants to give him a headstart over other potential candidates if he decides to run.

'Where other groups might wait to see how it plays out, 314 is going to be there right away'"


A science group is recruiting astronaut Mark Kelly to run for Senate in 2020. (video)

The Washington Post previously noted that "the Democratic bench remains thin in the Grand Canyon State" and "few would engender the kind of excitement in Democratic circles that Kelly would."


314 Action Launches “Draft Mark Kelly Effort”

“Its digital ad campaign is backed by a six-figure buy.”