January 16, 2019

Contact: Ted Bordelon

(267) 469-7048

314 Action Launches Draft Mark Kelly Campaign to Encourage Kelly to Run for Senate in Arizona

Landmark, Planned Six-Figure Digital Campaign to Build Grassroots Support for the Former Astronaut to Run in 2020

(Washington, D.C.) -- Following 314 Action’s breakthrough 2018 election cycle—which saw the largest number of scientists ever elected to public office with 9 of 314 Action’s endorsed federal candidates winning seats in the US Senate and House—the nonprofit pro-science organization today launched a landmark campaign to convince former NASA astronaut and public servant Mark Kelly to run for U.S. Senate in Arizona.

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314 Action is kicking off the campaign by unveiling a petition microsite where supporters can add their name at, as well as a planned six-figure investment in digital advertisements to raise awareness about the campaign to build up a strong grassroots base for Kelly.

The Draft Kelly petition will be joined with Kelly’s campaign for volunteering, organizing and grassroots support. Additionally, Kelly will have the support of 314 Action’s network that raised over $5 million in the 2018 cycle with a strong base of nearly 500,000 pro-science advocates if he should run.

Kelly has been a tireless and outspoken advocate for the most pressing issue of our time, climate change. And his experience as an astronaut ensure that he’ll bring a data-driven, evidence based approach to policy-making if elected to the Senate. It’s why more than ever we need to convince Kelly that we need him in the Senate NOW.

Director of Communications of 314 Action,Ted Bordelon, released the following statement:

“Captain Mark Kelly’s background as a naval aviator who flew combat missions during the First Gulf War, a NASA astronaut who flew the final mission of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, and a tireless advocate fighting for action on climate change makes him uniquely suited to lead in the US Senate. Captain Kelly has committed his life to public service, which is why 314 Action and the voters of Arizona are calling on him to continue that commitment and run for the United States Senate in Arizona”


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