February 14, 2019

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Scientists Expand the Majority:

314 Action Debuts Aggressive Targeting Strategy

314 Action to Target 25 Congressional Districts for Recruitment

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(Washington, D.C.) -- Today, 314 Action, the nation’s largest resource for scientists and STEM professionals running for public office, announced an aggressive strategy to target 25 Congressional districts nationwide during the 2019-2020 election cycle.

The 2018 election cycle -- which saw 9 of 314 Action’s endorsed candidates winning office and an unprecedented number of scientists and STEM professionals running for office -- was just the start for scientists moving from the lab to public office. In 2020, 314 Action aims to recruit scientists, engineers technologists and STEM professionals in as many of the 25 targeted districts as possible, and will provide recruited candidates with logistics and support throughout their primary and general elections.

Recruitment efforts have already started in several states, and 314 Action staff is coordinating with local stakeholders to find top talent to run for these seats which 314 leadership have determined will be viable targets for the 2020 general election.

A recruitment hub including a map of the targeted districts and a recruitment form for interested candidates has been launched at, and a robust social media action plan will be set into motion, encouraging the use of #ElectScientists2020.

Executive Director of 314 Action, Josh Morrow, released the following statement:

“2018 saw a historic number of scientists run for Congress and win. Despite now having more scientists in congress than ever, we are still faced with an administration and Republican members who deny science, refuse to take meaningful action on climate change and continue to deny facts and reason.

Last year, scientists proved they have what it takes to win. In 2020, we’re going to prove again that science won’t take a backseat to bad policy and loud rhetoric.

Today we announced our EXPAND THE MAJORITY WITH SCIENCE program to recruit 25 scientists to run in key Congressional districts.  The number of potential candidates who have reached out to us to date has been nothing short of inspiring and we are excited to announce endorsed candidates in the coming weeks and months.”

Expand the Majority with Science:

314 Action 2020 Target List

  • AK-AL - Young

  • AZ-06 - Schweikert

  • FL-16 - Buchanan

  • GA-07 - Woodall (OPEN)

  • IA-04 - King

  • IN-05 - Brooks

  • KS-02 - Watkins

  • MI-06 - Upton

  • MN-01 - Hagedorn

  • MN-08 - Stauber

  • MO-02 - Wagner

  • MT-AL - Gianforte

  • NC-02 - Holding

  • NC-13 - Budd

  • NE-02 - Bacon

  • NY-01 - Zeldin

  • NY-02 - King

  • NY-24 - Katko

  • OH-01 - Chabot

  • PA-10 - Perry

  • TX-10 - McCaul

  • TX-22 - Olson

  • TX-24 - Marchant

  • VA-05 - Riggleman

  • WA-03 - Beutler


314 Action is the largest and only resource specifically created for scientists and STEM professionals seeking assistance running for office.  For more information, visit