February 21, 2018
Contact: Ted Bordelon
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314 Action Releases Poll Showing Scientists Lead Charge to Retake House, Announces $1.8M Dollar Ad Buy

A New National Poll Shows Two-Thirds of Likely Voters More Likely to Vote for Candidate with Scientific Background

(Washington, D.C.) -- Today, 314 Action and Public Policy Polling (PPP) released the results of a nationwide survey of likely voters concerning their views of scientists running for public office and the Trump Administration’s treatment of science.
The results point clearly to the fact that scientists running for office this election cycle are a key piece of the puzzle to retake the House and Senate in 2018:
72% of voters are much more (42%) or somewhat more (26%) likely to vote for a candidate who has a scientific background and supports evidence-based decision making
This trend cuts across party lines: 55% of Trump voters said they were much more or somewhat more likely to vote for a candidate with a scientific background
With a record number of primary challenges across the country, Democrats are particularly excited to support scientists for public office, with 82% of Democrats indicating they are much more or somewhat more likely to vote for a candidate with a scientific background
A full memo from PPP and results can be found by clicking HERE.
In addition to the findings from this poll, 314 Action announced its first major broadcast TV reservations of the election cycle totaling more than $1.8M, with three targeted media markets:
Los Angeles, CA: $1M
Detroit, MI: $500k
Seattle, WA: $350k
314 Action has not designated these reservations for specific candidates, but a list of 314 Action’s current endorsements can be found by clicking HERE.
Executive Director of 314 Action, Joshua Morrow, released the following statement:
"Passing a budget to keep the government open isn't rocket science -- but let's send some rocket scientists to Congress just in case. What is clear from our research is that scientists will lead the way for Democrats to retake the House and Senate in 2018. With more than two-thirds of voters expressing concern about the assaults on science from President Trump and his GOP allies in Congress, it is more clear than ever that voters are ready to vote for fact-based governing. Today, 314 Action is demonstrating its commitment to electing scientists by making our first major investment of resources into areas where we think scientists have a clear shot at flipping seats in November."
314 Action is the largest and only resource specifically created for scientists and STEM professionals seeking assistance running for office. 314 Action was founded by members of the STEM community, grassroots supporters and political activists. Formed in July 2016, 314 Action has over 400,000 active members and donors across the United States. 314 Action is concerned that STEM education in the United States is falling further and further behind the rest of the world, that our political leaders continue to deny scientific facts and that Congress fails to fully fund scientific research so we can solve pressing issues. For more information, visit 314action.org