Jacky’s race:

  • Jacky is running for US Senate in Nevada against Dean Heller, who is widely considered to be 2018’s most vulnerable Republican Senator. Heller even has lower approval ratings than Donald Trump in Nevada, a state carried by Clinton and in both Obama victories.
  • Jacky’s opponent Dean Heller was the deciding vote on a law that allows internet service providers to sell your browsing data without your permission. Dean Heller has also voted to dismantle the Clean Power Plan and to protect billions of dollars in tax loopholes for Big Oil companies.
  • Jacky has proven that she’s a tough campaigner. Despite a record amount of outside spending in a district that Trump carried in 2016, Jacky was elected to an open seat in Congress. Jacky has attracted a wide array of early support, but Republicans are not going to let this Senate seat go - she needs your help right now to fight back against millions in GOP attacks.

Jacky Rosen

Candidate for US Senate, Nevada

  • After a career as a computer programmer and software developer, Jacky decided she wanted to continue to make a real difference in her community and was elected to represent Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district.
  • Jacky is a strong advocate for renewable energy. As the former President of her synagogue, she led a team to construct one of the largest solar arrays in her community, which reduced their energy bills by over 70%.
  • Jacky currently represents Southern Nevada in Congress, where she is part of a small group of Representatives with a background in science and technology. The first bill she introduced was to restore internet privacy protections.


About Jacky:

Jacky Rosen has lived in Nevada for nearly 40 years. As the first member of her family to graduate from college, Jacky worked two jobs and took out student loans to make ends meet. Over summers, she waitressed in Las Vegas and was a proud member of Culinary Workers Union Local 226.

She broke barriers as a successful computer programmer in the male-dominated tech industry, working for major companies in Nevada including Summa Corporation, Citibank and Southwest Gas. As the former President of Congregation Ner Tamid, the state’s largest synagogue, Jacky led a team to construct one of the largest solar arrays in Henderson through a public-private partnership, cutting the synagogue’s energy bills by 70% and allowing more money to go into serving the community, like senior tax services and programs that provide meals and housing for the homeless.

In 2016, Jacky decided to run for Congress in Nevada’s highly competitive 3rd District, a seat that Trump carried and Democrats hadn’t won since 2008. Jacky lives in Henderson with her husband Larry, a radiologist at the Southern Nevada VA Hospital. Her daughter Miranda is a college student and a product of Nevada’s public schools.