Jerry McNerney

US Rep for California’s 9th District

  • A PhD mathematician, McNerney spent over two decades developing renewable energy technologies before defeating one of Congress’ worst anti-environmental politicians in 2006.
  • As the only renewable energy expert in Congress, McNerney serves on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, where he is working to combat climate change and ensure a clean energy future for our country.
  • In Congress, McNerney authored three major pieces legislation that will help train the next generation for green jobs, increase the efficiency of our electrical grid, and invest in infrastructure for electric vehicles.

"If anti-science Republicans won’t take action, a new generation of leaders will"

“With the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement last week, the President confirmed that his Administration would not listen to the voices of the science. I first ran for Congress because I knew my expertise in developing renewable energy technologies was a needed perspective in government, and one that was absent. That’s why I stand with 314 Action in calling on the STEM community to step up and give a voice to crucial areas of science that are unrepresented in our government. If President Trump and anti-science Republicans won’t take action on climate change and other issues that are rooted in science, a new generation of leaders will.” - Rep. Jerry McNerney, California’s 9th Congressional District