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This week the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided that the air we exhale, carbon dioxide, is toxic and poses a danger to our well-being ... While this blatant power grab is disappointing, the truly alarming part is that the scientific evidence the EPA used to support its conclusion comes directly from United Nations (U.N.) climate data - the same data that were recently found to have been deliberately manipulated to support the global warming movement.

-John Culberson, 2009

On the Record

John Culberson

John Culberson

  • Voted against an amendment to H.R. 2406, the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2015, which would grant the highest level of protection—a wilderness designation—for the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Following extensive scientific study and public input, the Fish and Wildlife Service released a Comprehensive Conservation Plan in 2015, which recommended that the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge should receive the highest level of protection to preserve the land’s unparalleled wild character. This amendment would ensure that this majestic landscape would remain untouched by industrialization and drilling operations, thus protecting a landscape that is home to large populations of caribou, polar bears and more than 135 species of migratory birds. 

  • Voted against an amendment to H.R. 4775, the Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2016, which would close loopholes in the Clean Air Act that allow the oil and gas industry to release dangerous amounts of air pollution. Other industries are required to limit their releases of toxic air pollutants like volatile organic compounds and smog-inducing nitrogen oxides, but oil and gas companies lobbied for and won an exemption that allows them to continue endangering public health. The amendment also adds hydrogen sulfide, a harmful, potentially fatal pollutant mainly released during oil and gas extraction, to the Clean Air Act’s list of hazardous pollutants. 

  • Voted for an amendment to H.R. 4923, the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2015, which would prevent federal agencies from assessing the costs and dangers posed by climate change. This extreme anti-science amendment would make it more difficult for agencies to take part in studying or planning for the increase in extreme weather associated with climate change. It would also block these agencies from participating in the National Climate Assessment, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and any analysis of the cost of carbon pollution.