June 21, 2018

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Sen. Dean Heller Should Think About Vegas Lights During Trump Fundraiser  

(Washington, D.C.) -- When Sen. Dean Heller heads to his fundraiser in Las Vegas this weekend with President Donald Trump, he should think long and hard about the notoriously neon city and how much energy all those lights, air conditioners and slot machines use. Despite the efforts of Yucca Mountain supporting special interest groups like Clear Path claiming Heller is a clean energy advocate, his votes tell a starkly different tale.
Today, the pro-science advocacy group 314 Action released a video calling on voters to look at Heller’s voting record before they buy the hype about his clean energy bonafides.
Watch the Video:

To name a few votes:
Heller voted against legislation to provide financing for clean energy projects, including wind, solar, advanced vehicles, and fuel cells. (Senate Vote 52, 2016)
He supported efforts to block transmission lines for wind power (Senate Vote 51, 2016)
He even voted against advanced scientific research for clean energy technologies, something more than half his colleagues in the Senate supported  (Senate Vote 9, 2016).

When it comes to Dean Heller and clean energy, check the record.

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