June 23, 2017
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314 Action Endorses Stem Cell Pioneer Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress Against Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

Keirstead Created Breakthrough Stem Cell Treatments for Cancer; Challenging Anti-Science, Climate-Denying, Pro-Russia Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s Seat

(Washington, D.C.) -- Today, 314 Action announced its endorsement of Dr. Hans Keirstead, who is running for Dana Rohrabacher’s Congressional seat in California’s 48th District. Keirstead, one of the 6,000 candidates with STEM backgrounds that 314 Action recruited, is the first non-incumbent endorsement 314 Action has made.
Dr. Keirstead is a PhD neuroscientist, cancer doctor and former UC Irvine School of Medicine professor who led a team developing groundbreaking stem cell treatments for spinal cord trauma which allowed people to regain movement to limbs that were previously paralyzed. He has been pioneering advancements in medical treatments for 20 years, and founded several successful medical research companies in Orange County.
"I'm proud to stand with 314 and their mission to elect leaders who understand the important role that science and medicine play in our local economy," said Dr. Hans Keirstead. "I've started all of my biotech companies here in Orange County and despite Congressman Rohrabacher's best efforts to deny scientific progress, it is that progress that is saving lives, advancing clean energy and providing jobs to Orange County."
Founder and Board President of 314 Action, Shaughnessy Naughton, released the following statement:
“I am proud to announce 314 Action’s endorsement of Dr. Hans Keirstead for Congress.  Hans is an innovator and scientist who has dedicated his career to saving and improving people’s lives. As a scientist he understands the consequences of ignoring facts. As an innovator he has led research teams to discover life saving treatments from spinal cord injuries to cures for cancer.”
“Hans has proven throughout his career that public health and bettering man’s quality of life through science are his life’s work. That’s why 314 Action is supporting Hans -- because his experience and perspective are needed in Congress.”
Quick facts about Hans:
Neuroscientist who has developed stem cell research that has led to breakthrough treatments of late-stage cancers, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and other medical conditions
Professor at UC Irvine School of Medicine and founder of the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center, where he led a team developing treatments for spinal cord trauma which allowed previously paralyzed people to regain movement to their limbs.
Serial entrepreneur who has launched multiple medical research companies throughout Orange County
Helped fight an executive order from President George W. Bush banning federal funding for stem cell research by serving as lead scientific advisor for the CA Stem Cell Initiative, which later promoted a ballot measure passing by 60% of the vote that established a $3 billion stem cell research fund in the state.
Married his wife Niki, a fellow neuroscientist focused on Alzheimer’s disease with whom he is raising their son Connor in Laguna Beach
For more information about Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s history of anti-science rhetoric and votes, click HERE.
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