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We now know that prominent scientists were so determined to advance the idea of human-made global warming that they worked together to hide contradictory temperature data.

-Lamar Smith, 2009

On the Record

Lamar Smith, Committee Chair

Lamar Smith, Committee Chair

  • Lamar Smith, Chairman of the Science committee, is one of the most anti-science members of Congress. He’s tried to slash NASA’s budget for earth sciences. He’s subjected grant reviews at the National Science Foundation to extra scrutiny and has become one of Congress’s most prominent global warming skeptics - once railing against environmentalists and the media for buying into the “climate-change religion.” Source
  • Chairman Smith is one of the biggest supporters of the oil and gas industry and has used his position on the Science Committee to accuse scientists of altering historical global temperature data. While accepting more than $700,000 in campaign contributions from Oil and Gas industry executives and their lobbyists, the chairman has issued an unprecedented 56 subpoenas to these scientists and other NOAA staff who contradict his backward view on manmade climate change. Source Source Source
  • Not only is Lamar Smith bullying scientists by issuing subpoenas for their data and emails, he's also trying to silence state attorneys general by issuing subpoenas requesting documents from their contacts with 25 climate activists and scientists. Now he is trying to shut down an independent investigation into allegations that for decades Exxon Mobil fraudulently misled the public on the effects of climate change. Source
  • The CSST passed the HONEST ACT, a re-brand of Chairman Smith’s Secret Science Reform Act, which requires the Environmental Protection Agency to only use scientific studies for which all data is publicly available and the results are easily reproducible. The HONEST ACT, requires that all raw data be available is also problematic because it makes public confidential personal medical data of millions of Americans. The HONEST ACT will stymie public health Studies related to clean air and water issues. Source