May 18, 2017
Contact: Ted Bordelon
(267) 469-7048

314 Action to Target Donald Trump In His Living Room with Cable Ad Buy

314 Action’s Network Raised Money for the Ad Buy within 48 Hours, Will Urge Trump to Keep U.S. in Paris Agreement Ahead of G7 Summit


(Washington, D.C.) -- Today, 314 Action announced a cable ad buy, supported entirely through grassroots donations from its network of 185,000 pro-science advocates, that will specifically target an audience of 1—President Donald J. Trump.
The ad urges the President to keep the United States in the Paris Agreement, and will be aired in the Washington, D.C. media market as part of a 3-week ad buy during some of the President’s favorite programs including Fox & Friends and various MSNBC programs.
Check out the ad HERE.
Earlier this week, 314 Action put out a call to action to its small donor network asking for resources to send the President a message. Within 48 hours, pro-science advocates who support 314 Action chipped in and raised enough money for the five-figure ad buy. In addition to the D.C. media market, the ad will also run in areas 314 Action is targeting, including Austin, TX (which includes Rep. Lamar Smith’s district), and Orange County ( which includes Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s district).
A petition accompanying the ad can be found HERE.
314 Action is a nonprofit 501(c)(4) that was founded by members of the STEM community, grassroots supporters and political activists. Despite being a recently formed organization, 314 Action has over 185,000 active members and donors across the United States. 314 Action is concerned that STEM education in the United States is falling further and further behind the rest of the world, that our political leaders continue to deny scientific facts and that Congress fails to fully fund scientific research so we can solve pressing environmental issues like climate change and social problems like gun violence. For more information, visit