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(Last updated 9/25/2017)

(THE MASSACHUSETTS DAILY COLLEGIAN, 9/25/2017):Shaughnessy Naughton speaks on STEM professionals in politics  

(LOS ANGELES TIMES, 9/20/2017): Essential Politics: 314 Action Backs Mai Khanh Tran

(VICE, 9/18/2017): These 14 Scientists Are Opposing Anti-Science Conservatives in the Next Election

(ROLL CALL, 9/18/2017): 314 Action Hopes to Be the “EMILY’s List for Scientists”

(POLITICO, 9/18/2017): Progressive scientists PAC endorses Senate, House candidates

(E&E NEWS, 9/18/2017): CAMPAIGN 2018 Scientist PAC targets 4 GOP incumbents

(SALON, 9/15/2017): Here’s Who a Scientist Activist Group Wants You to Elect to Congress

(WHOWHATWHY, 9/11/2017): Highly Toxic Materials Are Leaking Into Hurricane Flood Water

(MINNESOTA POST-BULLETIN, 9/5/2017): Political Notebook: Scientists Wanted to Run for Office

(EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL, 8/28/2017): Climate Denier Congressman Lamar Smith Contends with New Foe: Declining Voter Support

(NEWSY, 8/25/2017): Should More Scientists Hold Public Office?

(THE SCIENTIST, 8/23/2017): Opinion: Science, Meet Politics

(MOTHER JONES, 8/21/2017): Democrats Haven’t Won This District Since the ’60s. It Just Might Hold the Key to Taking Back Congress.

(REUTERS, 8/4/2017): Angry and inspired: US Democrats train new wave of candidates

(MOTHER JONES, 8/2/2017): Donald Trump’s War on Scientists Has Had One Big Side Effect

(HUFFINGTON POST, 7/24/2017): House Science Committee Chair Says Climate Change Is a Good Thing

(POLITICO, 7/23/2017): Meet the Lab-Coat Liberals

(CNN, 7/24/2017): Political Chemistry: Scientists Running for Office In Age of Trump

(WASHINGTON POST, 7/14/2017): Donald Trump, the Great Uniter?

(E&E NEWS, 7/13/2017): Scientists see proposed climate debates as a trap

(IFL SCIENCE, 7/3/2017): Why This Computer Scientists Is Running for Congress

(INSIDE HIGHER ED, 7,3,2017): Scientists Who Have Had Enough

(THINK PROGRESS, 6/29/2017): Inspired by Trump’s attacks on science, this former engineer is running for Congress

(SALON, 6/26/2017): Scientist-backed PAC endorses Dana Rohrabacher’s challenger

(COSMOPOLITAN, 6/22/2017): These Scientists Are Running for Office to Fight Trump’s “Anti-Truth” Agenda

(MEDSCAPE, 6/21/2017): Texas Oncologist Runs for US Congress

(LOS ANGELES TIMES, 6/19/2017): Q&A 'It’s important to have scientific voices heard at all levels of government'
(IFL SCIENCE, 6/18/2017): Meet The Cancer Researcher Running For Congress

(THE HILL, 6/16/2017): ‘Pi’ group makes first endorsements

(BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS): The coming science caucus?
(ROLL CALL, 6/15/2017): Medical Researcher Announces Challenge to Rohrabacher

(GENOME WEB, 6/15/2017): From the Lab to the Ballot

(LOS ANGELES TIMES, 6/19/2017): What happens when scientists leave their labs to experiment with politics?

(HEALTHCARE DIVE, 6/14/2017): Why HHS' sparse, controversial payroll worries the healthcare industry

(BIG THINK, 6/10/2017): Scientists Have Had Enough. They’re Starting to Run for Office.

(MINNESOTA POST, 6/8/2017): How do we integrate science into public policy decision-making?

(WASHINGTON POST, 6/5/2017): This Cancer Doctor if Running for Congress. Here’s Why.

(IFL SCIENCE, 6/4/2017): Scientists Are Running For Congress Because "The Future Hangs In The Balance"

(VOICE OF AMERICA, 5/28/2017): US Scientists Leaving Labs to Run for Office

(ROLL CALL, 5/23/2017): Rep. Lamar Smith Out of Touch With Science, Challenger Says

(THE ATLANTIC, 5/19/2017): Congress, the Doctors Will See You Now

(HUFFINGTON POST, 5/12/2017): Texas Democrats Are Lining Up To Take On Congress’ Biggest Climate Denier

(BLOOMBERG, 5/9/2017): A Microbiologist, Physicist and Chemist Walk Into Congress…

(SALON, 5/2/2017): Scientists should be running for public office, and this PAC wants to help them run

(THE HILL, 5/2/2017): House GOP’s new challengers: Scientists mulling campaigns

(VICE NEWS, 5/1/2017): Political science

(SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, 5/1/2017): To Change Politics, Do More Than March for Science

(SCIENCE MAGAZINE, 4/26/2017): At a political boot camp for scientists, enthusiasm and anxiety

(THINK PROGRESS, 4/25/2017): Scientists are marching straight to the campaign trail

(VICE NEWS, 4/25/2017): High Schoolers Deliver Science Textbooks to Their Climate Change-Denying Congressman, Are Sent Away Via Intercom

(LIVE SCIENCE, 4/24/2017): After the March: Science Advocates Prepare for a 'Marathon'

(WASHINGTON POST, 4/23/2017): Tens of thousands marched for science. Now what?

(PBS NEWSHOUR, 4/22/2017): Scientists Consider Running for Office

(NEWSWEEK, 4/21/2017): This March for Science is Going to Be Yuge

(THE SIGNAL, 4/17/2017): Volcanologist Jess Phoenix Announces Candidacy for Congress

(TIME, 4/13/2017): Inside the Grassroots Movement to Groom a New Generation of Democratic Candidates

(OC WEEKLY, 4/11/2017): UCI Professors Request Meeting with Dana Rohrabacher on Climate Change

(ARS TECHNICA, 4/2/2017): The campaign to put science and tech leaders in public office starts now

(THE NEW YORKER, 3/27/2017): Two NASA Engineers Try Out Politics

(UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS, 3/22/2017): You Can Support Science and Push Back Against the Anti-Science Agenda: Here’s How

(THE GUARDIAN, 3/18/2018): The climate change battle dividing Trump’s America

(LOS ANGELES TIMES, 3/15/2017): This Democrat and geologist says she is considering a run for Republican Rep. Steve Knight's seat

(BUZZFEED NEWS, 3/14/2017): This Group Is Trying To Replace The Most Anti-Science Members of Congress With Actual Scientists

(THE ATLANTIC, 2/28/2017): Do Scientists Lose Credibility When They Become Political?

(NPR, 2/26/2017): Fearing Climate Change Policy Under Trump, STEM Group Works To Get Scientists Elected

(CLEANTECHNICA, 2/20/2017): Scientists Jump The Gun, Rally Against Trump In Boston In February (CT Exclusive Interview)

(LOS ANGELES TIMES, 2/9/2017): Concerned about Trump, scientists are leaning into politics

(THE MANITOBAN, 2/8/2017): Science Activism Is On The Rise – Here’s What You Can Do To Help

(GRIST, 2/7/2017): Scientists aren’t just marching, they’re running for office.

(NEW YORK TIMES, 2/6/2017): In Age of Trump, Scientists Show Signs of a Political Pulse

(DAILY KOS, 2/2/2017): Joe Trippi and Shaughnessy Naughton on getting scientists out of the lab, and into political office

(WASHINGTON POST, 1/31/2017): The resistance to Trump is big, diverse and ferocious

(DEUTSCHE WELLE, 1/27/2017): Scientists fight back against Trump

(INHABITAT, 1/27/2017): Trump inspires 400 scientists to run for office

(GIZMODO,1/26/2017): Why Did Scientists Wait Until Trump to Run for Office?

(THE ATLANTIC, 1/25/2017): Professor Smith Goes to Washington

(FORTUNE, 1/25/2017): Scientists Gear Up to Run for Office In a World of “Alternative Facts”

(CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, 1/25/2017): In Trump's America, we may see more scientists running for office

(THE VERGE, 1/25/2017): Scientists plan to march on Washington and run for office to fight Trump

(VICE, 1/13/2017): Scientists’ New Role in Trump’s America: The Resistance

(VICE, 1/10/2017): As a Response to Trump, This Group Is Drafting Scientists to Run for Office