314 Action President Featured in Newsweek

Board President of 314 Action, Shaughnessy Naughton, was featured in an article in Newsweek, featuring reactions to President Elect Donald Trump's nomination of Scott Pruitt to EPA Administrator from groups that are at the forefront of environmentalism. You can find the article HERE.

Below is the quote from Shaughnessy:

Shaughnessy Naughton, board president of 314 Action (a group that champions Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, education): “Putting Attorney General Pruitt in charge of the EPA is like giving the keys to the henhouse to a self-proclaimed wolf... Pruitt’s actions as Oklahoma’s Attorney General already show that he is not interested in transparency when it comes to protecting the energy lobby. The people informing Mr. Trump’s decisions on the pressing issue of climate change should be those who have studied the issue.”

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