5 Things You Didn't Know About Scott Pruitt

President Elect Donald Trump’s pick for EPA Administrator has been nothing short of controversial. Scott Pruitt is a climate change denialist who brought a lawsuit against the department he hopes to lead. These are the alarming headline-grabbing facts that have been reported, but there’s a lot more you probably haven’t heard about the Oklahoma Attorney General. 

  1. He received more than $300k from fossil fuel industries as a candidate for state office in Oklahoma. More than $250k of this money came from oil and gas, while electric utilities and mining made up the rest. Other big individual donations include a $10k contribution from Koch Industries and $6,500 from Exxon Mobil. 
  2. He lost two elections before winning Attorney General. Pruitt spent almost a decade in the Oklahoma State Senate before running for higher office. His first two attempts did not go so well. He ran for Lt. Governor in 2006, losing a runoff election by 2,400 votes. In 2001 he ran for Congress, but wasn’t able to make the runoff. In both cases, he ran on  record of social conservatism. 
  3. He led 12 other state Attorneys General to file a Freedom of Information request to expose communication between the EPA and national environmental advocacy groups. The 2012 request was fairly successful, with the Daily Oklahoman declaring he was “gaining a national reputation.” 
  4. Pruitt was general managing partner of a minor league baseball team, the Oklahoma Redhawks. He reportedly was known for focusing on customer service and increasing the club’s attendance. 
  5. He once targeted an endangered bird species on the grounds that their protection would prevent drilling access. Pruitt sued the Interior department along with a group led by his campaign chairman in 2014, Harold G. Hamm, the billionaire CEO of one of the biggest gas and oil companies in Oklahoma and North Dakota. 

If you want to take action and send a message to President Elect Trump that Scott Pruitt is unfit to serve as EPA Administrator, sign 314 Action’s petition by clicking here. We cannot afford to have a climate change denialist leading the EPA.