314 Blog Launches Today


Welcome to 314 Blog, a one-stop for all things STEM. We’ve spent the last few weeks refining our message, developing our strategy and talking to our members. We are ready to begin a fierce online blog campaign, with the intent of keeping you informed about what is happening in the world of STEM and how you can help.

We are going to need your help to get this blog and our initiatives off the ground. This is a grassroots effort, and your support and input matters. In the coming weeks, we will feature petitions you can sign to make your voice heard, scientists you can learn more about and interact with, and STEM causes you can get behind. You are on the front lines of a brand new community devoted to all things STEM, and we hope that you will join in being a part of the conversation.

Our first large-scale initiative as a group was our letter to Donald Trump and his Transition Team, urging him to give scientists a seat at the table. If you haven’t signed yet, you can do so HERE. At its heart, 314 Action is about bringing scientists, the public and government together into a dialogue, and that is exactly what this letter aims to do.

In the coming months, expect original content, guest bloggers and all of the latest STEM news brought right to your fingertips. We hope you enjoy the features to come. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop.