Trump's Confusing Climate Conclaves

In the last week, President Elect Donald Trump held two incredibly high-profile meetings about climate change in Trump Tower, first with former Vice President Al Gore on Monday.  The meeting, which was reportedly arranged by Ivanka Trump, seemed, at the very least, to be an indication Trump is willing to hear the other side of the "debate" whether climate change is real or not. 

The New York Times opined:

Others were a little less optimistic:

Fast forward to Wednesday.

Before Trump's second climate-focused meeting with Academy Award winner and climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio could even take place, Trump made a decision that sent immediate shockwaves through the science and environmentalist communities:


The meeting with DiCaprio (which was a presentation of a sustainable jobs plan developed by DiCaprio's foundation) still happened. However, the question stands if President-Elect Trump is the one following a script in this instance. Holding headline-grabbing meetings buy some good-will with the public and creates a bipartisan image. However, these meetings also serve as distractions when someone like Scott Pruitt is nominated in the same breath. 

The work Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio have done to make Climate Change a more prominent issue is astounding. And each of these men are proven environmental champions. Unfortunately, the pitches they made to Mr. Trump seem to have fallen on deaf ears with the appointment of Pruitt to EPA Administrator.

That's why it's time scientists and those who have spent their lives committed to fighting climate change have a seat at the table.

You can help. If you haven't already, sign our letter to President Elect Trump and his Transition Team, calling for a meeting with some of the top experts on climate change, and offering their counsel on what is the most pressing issue facing America. With your signature, the next climate meeting in Trump Tower might give the STEM community a voice and an opportunity to make the strongest case possible to the President-Elect.