The leadership of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology (CSST) does not understand basic science and is increasingly hostile to the scientific community

Much of the most important scientific research in US is financed by the federal government and the governing body for this ~$40 billion in annual spending is the House Science Committee. The Republican leadership on this committee are increasingly attacking sound science on behalf of entrenched interests.

Under the Scope raises awareness about the importance of the House Science Committee and puts its anti-science members on notice that hostility to science and scientists will cost them votes in their next elections

  • CSST continues to bully and attempt to silence scientists who publicly speak out about climate change.  Between 1959 and 2012, the Science committee issued 5 subpoenas to scientists. Since 2013, the year Lamar Smith became chair, there have been 56 scientist who have received subpoenas for their data and emails, including the President of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Source

  • CSST recently passed EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act, the bill changes the requirements for the EPA’s advisory committee by giving industry leaders greater influence on the committee and, more generally, the bill debilitates the Science Advisory Board's ability to conduct independent scientific reviews. Source

  • The CSST passed the HONEST ACT, a re-brand of Chairman Smith’s Secret Science Reform Act, which requires the Environmental Protection Agency to only use scientific studies for which all data is publicly available and the results are easily reproducible. Almost all studies of how pollution impacts human health depend on some level of patient confidentiality and such data would be disallowed by the HONEST ACT This sensible sounding act is little more than a covert way to stymie public health research related to to air and water pollution. Source

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"The earth quit warming and now may be in a cooling cycle."

-Dana Rohrabacher, 2011

Climate alarmists have failed to explain the lack of global warming over the past 15 years. They simply keep adjusting their malfunctioning climate models to push the supposedly looming disaster further into the future.

-Lamar Smith, 2009

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For the past decade, California has embarked on a rash mission to curtail global warming.While there are several problems surrounding this campaign, the main one is economic in nature: we are adopting policies that are not embraced elsewhere in the world, at the expense of our economic future.

-Steve Knight, 2014