September 18, 2017
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314 Action Endorses Roger Dean Huffstetler for Congress in Virginia’s 5th District

Huffstetler Is a Tech Entrepreneur, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran, and Former Chief of Staff to Rep. Seth Moulton

(Washington, D.C.) -- Today, 314 Action announced its endorsement of Roger Dean (RD) Huffstetler, who is running for Congress in Virginia. 314 Action is the nation’s largest and only resource specifically created for scientists and STEM professionals seeking assistance running for office.
Huffstetler released the following statement:
"Mrs. Susan Smith was my high school chemistry teacher, and she is probably the person not related to me that has had the biggest impact on my life.  Mrs. Smith taught science in a high school instead of pursuing another career, and I and hundreds of other students are the better for it.  She is a great asset to her community and country.  
I am honored to receive the endorsement of 314 Action and accept it on behalf of Susan Smith and all the tremendous STEM teachers across America. In the changing American economy, it is imperative that we train a new generation of STEM leaders. When I get to Congress I will fight to increase access to high quality STEM education and degree programs in our rural counties and for all Virginians."
Founder and Board President of 314 Action Shaughnessy Naughton released the following statement:
“We are proud to support Roger Dean Huffstetler in his run for Congress. Roger Dean has proven his commitment to our country through his service as a Marine, and he has proven his commitment to science through his pursuit of knowledge. Roger Dean’s experience in the lab and as an entrepreneur make him a much-needed and well-rounded voice in Congress.”
About Roger Dean:
Roger Dean developed his love for science when he was inspired to become a more serious student by his high school chemistry teacher. He graduated college with a degree in Chemistry and enrolled in a PhD Chemistry program at Harvard where he taught Chemistry to undergrads.
Roger Dean left his PhD program to enlist in the US Marines where he got the chance to teach math to his fellow service members and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. After returning from overseas and leaving the Marines, Roger Dean used the GI Bill to get a graduate degree.
Roger Dean worked in technology before founding his own big data startup and eventually serving as Congressman Seth Moulton’s Chief of Staff.
Roger Dean’s race:
Roger Dean is running for Congress against a first term incumbent, Tom Garrett, who is a member of the House Freedom Caucus and a climate denier in a moderate leaning district that has been represented by a Democrat in the last decade.
Tom Garrett, who represents Charlottesville, met with the organizer of the Charlottesville white supremacy protest just months before the horrific events happened. The outcry against Garrett has become national and will help to put this district in play.
Virginia’s 5th district covers the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and is just the type of district that Democrats need to put in play to take back the house in 2018. Roger Dean is off the a very strong start and the incumbent is one of the weakest fundraisers in Congress, but Republicans will surely not let this district go, Roger Dean needs your help today.
314 Action has also endorsed challengers Jackie Rosen (Senate-NV), Hans Keirstead (CA-48) and Chrissy Houlahan (PA-6), as well as incumbents Jerry McNerney (CA-9), Paul Tonko (NY-20), and Louise Slaughter (NY-25).
314 Action is the largest and only resource specifically created for scientists and STEM professionals seeking assistance running for office. 314 Action is a nonprofit 501(c)(4) that was founded by members of the STEM community, grassroots supporters and political activists. Formed in July 2016, 314 Action has over 225,000 active members and donors across the United States. 314 Action is concerned that STEM education in the United States is falling further and further behind the rest of the world, that our political leaders continue to deny scientific facts and that Congress fails to fully fund scientific research so we can solve pressing issues. For more information, visit