September 6, 2017
Contact: Ted Bordelon
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314 Action Endorses Community Doctor Ron Birnbaum for CA State Assembly

Birnbaum Is Running in a Special Election in Northeast Los Angeles in a Heavily Democratic Seat

(Washington, D.C.) -- Today, 314 Action announced its endorsement of Ron Birnbaum (D), who is running for California’s 51st State Assembly District. Birnbaum is running in a special election on Oct. 3 to fill the seat Jimmy Gomez (D) left vacant after winning a Congressional seat.
Birnbaum is a lifelong Democrat, community doctor, progressive activist, union member, and Democratic Delegate who has tirelessly dedicated himself to the underserved in Los Angeles County. His career has focused on giving all members of his community fair and equal access to affordable healthcare.
For more information, visit: www.birnbaumforassembly.com
Shaughnessy Naughton, founder of 314 Action released the following statement:
“314 Action is proud to stand with Dr. Ron Birnbaum in his bid for state assembly. Now more than ever, we are counting on members of the STEM community like Ron to heed the call and run for office. With President Trump and right-wing Republicans threatening to strip affordable health care coverage from millions of Americans, Ron’s background as a doctor and a fierce advocate for health care access makes him one of 314 Action’s top targets in 2017. ”
Ron Birnbaum issued the following statement:
“I am deeply honored to have the endorsement of 314 Action and to be the first state-level candidate this national organization has backed. There is a war on science in our country, and indeed a war on expertise. Not only is this war harmful to the health of our people, it threatens life as we know it on our planet. Respect for the power of reason, science, and evidence to inform good and decent government is a value that flows from the founding of the nation. California has been a leader in science and technology, great areas that have benefited from a generous and welcoming approach to immigrants. We can and must lead the nation in these areas, and the voters in the 51st district deserve representation that advances this leadership agenda. We also have to make strides in improving STEM education to meet the demands of a 21st century economy, and that great effort must bring girls and women into full participation as scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals, environmentalists and on. Again, I am humbled by the trust that 314 Action has placed in our effort, and I will strive to honor that trust.”
About Ron:
A physician in Los Angeles, Ron has dedicated his career to giving all members of his community access to affordable healthcare.
In addition to his medical practice, Ron serves as Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at USC where he teaches medicine to resident physicians and medical students.
As a medical student, Ron worked as a researcher in cancer genetics at Howard Hughes Medical Center.
Ron’s race:
Ron is running for State Assembly in a special election on October 3rd 2017 after its incumbent Assemblyman was elected to Congress.
Located in Northeast Los Angeles, the 51st district is a safe Democratic seat and is a great opportunity to elect a STEM leader to the California legislature.
Ron’s race is wide open and your support will go a long way into helping elect a great STEM leader in 2017.
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