TJ Cox

Candidate for US Congress, California's 21st District

  • TJ Cox is a registered professional engineer who was inspired to pursue a career in science by his father, Kenneth E. Cox, who, as a researcher at Los Alamos, was one of our nation’s foremost authorities on hydrogen.  Foretelling a career as a serial entrepreneur, TJ started his first business while in college, a company that provided and installed home energy saving devices.
  • In 2010, TJ’s volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity led him to found the Central Valley NMTC Fund, which invests in socially and economically disadvantaged communities throughout the Central Valley of California.  Serving one of the most environmentally abused regions of the country, TJ’s firm targets and invests in companies that deliver triple-bottom line results – economic, social and environmental. Showcasing that clean-energy is good business, his firm recently assisted in the development of an award-winning bioenergy plant that turns dead trees from the Sierras into clean energy.  Currently, his company is financing the development of a number of bio-digester projects, which converts animal waste from dairies and feed-lots into biogas energy. Turning an expense into an income stream, bio-digesters reduce green-house gases, produce valuable high nutrient, pathogen-free fertilizer and reduce water usage by up to 98%.
  • Working in the mining and metallurgical industries in the United States, Middle East and Africa, TJ focused on environmental mitigation processes and technology. This led to his patenting an innovative acid mist collection system used in electrowinning tank houses at copper refineries.

TJ's Race

  • California’s 21st congressional district is one of the most Democratic districts in America still held by a Republican.  The district currently has a 17-point Democratic registration advantage and in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the district by 16 points.
  • But Valadao’s betrayal and inaction isn’t going unnoticed.  Recent polling shows that TJ can win. But as a neighbor to House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy and as a cousin of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, Valadao will generate millions of dollars to attack and degrade TJ.  Your help and support is critical to fend off these attacks and to highlight TJ’s background and track record of accomplishment within the 21st.
  • TJ Cox is facing Republican Congressman David Valadao, a three-time incumbent, who consistently votes against the interests of his constituents. In a district where over 50% of families rely on Medicaid for health care, Valadao voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and eliminate health care for 100,000 hard-working residents.  Meanwhile, TJ’s primary focus over the last six years has been developing community health clinics and health care jobs.