Under the Scope

314 Action's Targeted Program to Magnify Members of Congress who are Anti-Science

Why "Under the Scope"?

We're putting members of Congress who are anti-science on notice. Learn More

The Anti-Science Committee

The House Science Committee has been on the warpath with scientists and scientific facts under Rep. Lamar Smith's chairmanship. Learn More

Lamar Smith (TX-21)

Chairman Smith has never studied or worked in science. He is a darling of Oil and Gas lobbyists. He has issued more subpoenas to silence scientists than ever before and recently secured the ability to reduce the annual salary of any Federal scientist down to $1.

Dana Rohrabacher (CA-48)

Rohrabacher has never studied nor worked in science. He calls climate change "a total fraud" and once suggested that dinosaur flatulence might be the cause of climate change.

Steve Knight (CA-25)

Knight has never studied or worked in science. He voted against closing loopholes in the Clean Air Act that would have reduced incidents of asthma.